Geiger & Peters
Geiger & Peters is a Steel Fabricator in Indianapolis, IN, incorporated in 1905.

We provide Steel Fabrication and Installation services for Division 05 Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals.

Other capabilities and services include Conceptual Budgeting Assistance, Design-Build Delivery, Design-Assist Delivery and Connection Design and Engineering services.



Main Plant
  • Excellent production tracking. Fabtrol production software scans each operation and each piece of steel is bar code tracked.
  • Marvel band saw for miter cuts with solid table for short pieces.
  • Anglemaster 2-axis punch with shear
  • Burning Bed with plasma cutting and multi-torch oxyfuel capability.
  • Pacific Plate shear
  • 6 wheel shot blaster
  • Beam profile machine
  • 20 ton capacity with 2 cranes (15 ton in front bay)
  • 23 ft height x 78 ft width in Main Bay
  • Side press cambering machine
  • Environmental permit for spray painting at 2.5 lbs/gal. VOC content (epoxy paint) with paint thickness testing

Outside Crane Bays
  • Crane Capacity 10 ton in inventory bay 20 ton in loading bay
  • Inventory Wide Flange, Channel, Angle, Plate, HSS, Tube, Pipe

Incoming steel via truck/rail.

Drill Building
  • 3-axis programmable CNC drill with band saw for end-cuts and walking-beam table on entry end
  • 3-axis CNC-controlled punch press with band saw

Hot Shot Bay
  • Excellent high-strength welding capabilities
  • Bertsch Press Brake for bending and press-forming
  • Peddinghaus 3-head plate duplicator punch
  • 4 ton capacity with 2 cranes

  • Welding of carbon and structural steels
  • AWS Certified Weld Inspectors on staff
  • UT Testing
  • Die penetrant testing
  • Mag particle testing (for surface cracks)
  • Thirty 800-amp wire welders; .0625” wire in main bay; .045” wire in hot shot bay
  • Two stud welding guns
  • Expertise in weld preparation (beveling of heavy piece welds, preheat, postheat)